Your Bed

At Grove Bedding, we believe that everyone deserves the right to the perfect night’s sleep. That’s why we are dedicated to creating custom designed beds that are perfect for you. Have an odd space that needs an unusual sized mattress? Got long legs that dangle off the end of the bed? Doing a loft conversion and need a low bed? Whatever the requirement we can make it exactly to your specifications. Simply call us on 0131 333 1903 and let us help you #sleepbetterfeelbetter

For the Small

Do you have awkward stairs, doorways or loft spaces and can’t bear the delivery headache of a standard sized bed/mattress? With our help, you can customise your bed frame or mattress to easily fit into those tricky spaces. Shorter beds and mattresses are also disability friendly and can be made to ensure easy access for people with mobility struggles or other health conditions.

For the tall

Whether you’re a gentle giant or just prefer that extra room to spread out, we’ve got you covered with our extra-large custom made bed frames and mattresses. We know that tall people can struggle to find a suitable bed and often have to put up with cold, dangling feet. Now you can have enough length and space to ensure the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Custom fit

We can design a range of custom fit long, short, narrow, deep, thin and wide mattresses to fit your specific requirements. We can even make zip and link beds which allow two narrow mattresses to be zipped together. This is the perfect compromise for couples that can’t decide on the one mattress type!

Unusual Shapes

If you’re decorating an unusual space like a box room, boat, yacht, caravan or cot you will need an unusual shaped mattress. We can also custom make round mattresses to any size or depth for that little bit extra glamour. All you need to do is provide us with your exact dimensions and we can custom make the mattress or bed frame for you.

Something Different

Got something a little different in mind? Or not really sure what you want? With our extensive experience of the industry, we offer expert, friendly advice and lifetime customer service you can trust. Call us today with your measurements and we will be happy to help talk you through your options. You can also visit one of our sales staff in store.

Dual Sided

Want to be more in control of your bedroom environment? Warmer or cooler. You decide. All you need to do it turn the mattress from one side in the Winter to the cooler side in the Summer, it’s as easy as that! They can even be made to size. Visit us in store or call us to talk about your options.