Helping People
‘Sleep Better,
Feel Better’

Having been a local business for over 50 years, at Grove Bedding, we know how to create the perfect bed and mattress combination for you, helping you reach your true potential through better sleep.

Our Purpose

To help you live your best life and create a better society through better sleep.

At Grove Bedding, we believe in the restorative power of sleep. You look better, feel better, work better and behave better towards others when you’ve slept well. That’s why, since 1964, our mission has been to help you be at your best and create a better society through better sleep.

Our Values


Honest, passionate, hard-working and fair. Every member of our Grove Bedding family comes to work every day with the understanding that improving your sleep health is at the core of all we do.

Social Responsibility

We travel the world to find ethical suppliers and materials for our products, then put back into the communities we serve by uplifting and recycling our customers old mattresses for local charities.

5 Star Customer Service

We know you have a choice where to buy That’s why we appreciate your custom and pledge to deliver a personalised service that continues even after you’ve bought your perfect bed and mattress.

Dedicated Specialists

Your perfect bed and mattress combination is as individual as you are. Whether it’s bespoke sizes or specifics in style and comfort, our sleep experts will help you get just what you need.

Expert Manufacturers

For over 50 years we’ve proudly supplied the highest quality beds and mattresses to customers around the world. Come in and try for yourself at one of our three, unique stores across Scotland.

Sleep Better

It’s what we do for you. You’ll be springing out of your Grove bed after a great sleep, taking the day by the scruff of the neck and living your best life. #sleepbetterfeelbetter.

Our Story

In 2008, Nick Hawkins, a young man from Edinburgh, had recently become Managing Director of Grove Bedding.

But Nick had a problem. He couldn’t sleep.

The stresses and strains of taking over his father’s business whilst suffering chronic back pain were affecting his sleep, night after night for months on end.

It was impacting on his work, his mood and overall quality of life.

So, he made a decision. From that day, Grove Bedding would embark upon a new mission:

“To create the perfect beds and mattresses, specific to your individual needs, at affordable prices; to help you realise your full potential, live your best life and build a better society through better sleep.”

Now, at this point, you’d be forgiven for thinking Nick was getting a bit carried away with himself. After all, he was only selling beds and mattresses.

But think about it. You spend over 1/3rd of your life asleep. Sleep is fundamental to your overall mental and physical health.

Your mood, energy, appearance, creativity, productivity, attention-span, memory and compassion all get a boost whilst stress levels and even your weight can go down when you sleep well.

If we all get those benefits, we’ll all live better, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Today, over 50 years on since Nick’s father Bill founded the business in 1964, Grove Bedding are still manufacturing and supplying the highest quality mattresses, beds and frames at unbeatable prices to the public and trade across the world, helping people like you ‘Sleep Better, Feel Better’.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Nick sleeps like a baby now. He’d like you to do so too.